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I specialize in being a Denver wedding photography, however photographing families has a huge part of my heart as well.  I love babies.  A lot.  I love tiny babies, however I’m totally obsessed with the 1-2 year old stage.  Their little personalities are so amazing and seeing how they learn/interact is fascinating to me.  My little Abraham is 16 months and I realized we had never given him a proper bath in the sink.  Which is super sad considering we have the perfect farm sink for bath time.  Last week that all changed when my husband give him a bath so I could document the cuteness.

Abraham (Bram) loved his bath in the sink!  I imagine it was nice to have a bath to himself without his sister snatching his toys from his hands and pretending he’s a sea monster.  🙂  He didn’t want to get out… it was super cute.

My new favorite pictures to take of my kids are those involving either an activity or other people.  Looking back at my baby pictures, it’s fun to see myself at different stages, however the most entertaining to me are those with my family; specifically my mom and dad.  I love to see how young they looked, how they interacted with me, their hairstyles, etc.  These photos help us remember what it was like to be a child in the home of those who love us most.  One of my absolute photos is of me sitting on my dad’s lap ‘helping’ him read the paper when I was about a year old.

I love these photos and I feel they’ll be cherished by my husband and I and Abraham for years to come.  My next goal for this photojournalism style is to plan a fun day with the kids and document it.

Colleen&Charlie-1 Colleen&Charlie-2 Colleen&Charlie-3 Colleen&Charlie-4 Colleen&Charlie-5 Colleen&Charlie-6 Colleen&Charlie-7 Colleen&Charlie-8 Colleen&Charlie-9 Colleen&Charlie-10

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