Littleton Family Photographer- Father and Daughter

I love being a family photographer and wedding photographer.  I stay pretty busy taking photos for other people, it’s not very often I take pictures for myself or my own family.  A few months ago I had the idea for this session and I was so happy when it finally came to life.

My husband is a West Metro firefighter in Littleton.  His schedule is a little strange in the fact when he goes to work he his gone for forty eight hours strait, and in the summer up to three weeks.  My daughter loves to ask questions about Daddy’s work… a lot of questions.  Where does daddy sleep?  Is daddy playing on the firetruck?  What does daddy eat at the firehouse?  🙂 I thought it would be fun to have some photos for her to look at when she’s missing Daddy.  My husband was definitely hesitant but after asking, okay maybe begging, he finally agreed.  It took some bribing for Zeelie as well to wear a tutu and follow directions, but we made it happen.  She was rewarded with a giant cup of ice cream when we got home.

We went down to Chatfield State Park in Littleton one afternoon and just walked around a bit and had a ton of fun.  Zeelie thought hanging out with daddy in his work gear was so cool.  The best quote from her that day was, “Daddy is the strong guy and I’m the darling girl.”  I love these photos and it makes me so happy knowing that we will look back at these photos twenty years from now and reflect on that that fun day and how stinking cute our baby girl is.

Colleen&Charlie-1 Colleen&Charlie-4Colleen&Charlie-7Colleen&Charlie-5 Colleen&Charlie-6 Colleen&Charlie-2 Colleen&Charlie-3 Colleen&Charlie-9 Colleen&Charlie-8

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