Kath and Paul’s Fiji Wedding

Fiji destination wedding

If you ask any destination wedding photographer where their dream locations are to photograph, Fiji is probably at the top.  Last month I had the amazing opportunity to photograph Paul and Kath’s destination wedding at Sheraton Resort and Spa Tokoriki Island in Fiji.  Their beach wedding was a dream and every detail was absolutely perfect.

I have know Kathryn for fifteen years, crazy!  I met her when I was studying abroad in high school and became best friends with her sister, Bec.  I have grown to be close with their whole family and I was so honored to capture her big day.

The first time I heard Paul’s name was when Kath was in the US with her family for my wedding in 2010.  She would mention him randomly and it was so cool to hear her speak so fondly of someone.  When I finally saw Paul and Kath together a few years later on a trip to Sydney, it was clear the two were made for each other.  It has been amazing watching them grow as a couple and build a beautiful family with their two precious girls.

The Sheraton Resort and Spa Tokoriki Island was the perfect Fiji destination wedding location.  The beach wedding was stunning with cobalt blue water as a backdrop and a stunning floral arch.  It was intimate and relaxing and fit Paul and Kath’s personalities perfectly.  The cocktail hour and reception were just as impressive with coconut cocktails and phenomenal food.

Kath and Paul’s wedding at The Sheraton Resort and Spa Tokoriki Island was a dream and I’m excited to share a few photos.

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7 thoughts on “Kath and Paul’s Fiji Wedding

  1. Absolutely beautiful photos you look radiant Kath and I love the colour of your bridesmaids dresses your husband and groomsmen looked so handsome

  2. Oh girl, you are totally right! Fiji is totally on my destination photography list! What a beautiful wedding. You captured it so perfectly for them. I especially love her boho dress!

  3. Wow!! What a dream wedding. I love the bride’s dress and the girls’ dresses – perfect for a beach wedding! You captured the fun and vibe of this wedding so well! Gorgeous images!

  4. Yes! I know people who have gotten married in Fiji and it really is a magical destination to get hitched! I bet this couple will be stoaked with these wedding photos to remind them of their special day!

  5. Now this is a dream wedding!! Fiji is on my bucket list, and your captures make me want to go NOW!! So beautiful!!

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