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I love being a Littleton family photographer around the holidays.  This is a family session I look forward to every year!  My dear parents and their sweet grandbabies  (including my two little ones.)  These are the cutest kids I’ve ever laid eyes on, I know I’m biased of my own babies and my nieces and nephew… but seriously, they’re pretty darn cute.  All the kids were in pretty good moods considering they had visited Santa earlier that day and were deprived of their normal naps.  We were going to quickly get a nice portrait in my parent’s backyard and then I remembered the antique couch I had hidden in their basement!

I bought this antique couch at an estate sale down the street from their house with the intention of reupholstering it and never got around to it so I’ve been stashing it in their basement hoping they never mentioned it 🙂  Then as we were walking outside, it came to me!  We needed the neglected antique couch outside!  My mom agreed and it was pretty awesome.

The kids were a little confused why we dragged them into the snow to sit on a random couch.  I started taking their photos and it started a little too formal, they were all just staring at me.  It was funny.  Like what is mommy and aunt Stephie doing???  And why is everyone staring at me??  This wouldn’t do, we needed their cute little personalities to shine through.  My brother Eric saved the day when he started throwing snow up in the air and letting it land on his head… oh the things we do for the perfect photo.  It made them laugh so hard and we got the perfectly imperfect photos.

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