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As much as I love the Denver wedding season, I love the fall/winter when I get a little break from being a wedding photographer, and get to be a family photographer.  I love weddings so much, however there’s something about working with families that I would never part with.  I love seeing families every year and seeing how they’ve grown.  It’s so fun to keep in touch and hear about all the changes that have occurred in their lives and what’s coming up in the next year.

A few weeks ago I met with Jim, Lauren and Lilly to take their annual family photos.  I love photographing this family because they are awesome…. and it helps they’re all incredibly good looking and photogenic.  We met in Downtown Littleton , just outside of Denver, and the weather was perfect and the sun was setting giving us some dreamy light.  Lilly is the sweetest and did awesome even though she was not feeling well and would end up really sick the rest of the night.

If you haven’t been to Downtown Littleton, add it to your list of places to visit. 🙂  It’s the cutest town with historic charm and awesome shops and restaurants. I love the old brick, the architecture, the tree lined streets, and the alley ways are awesome.  My favorite spot from this session was in front of a turquoise garage door…. it was as simple as that, a garage door painted turquoise 🙂  The gorgeous color of the door mixed with this family’s incredible eyes was just perfection.   I look forward to next year’s family photo session and can’t wait to compare them to this years to see how they’ve grown.

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