Denver Wedding Photographer/ Saling Wedding

Yesterday was a very special day as two of my friends tied the knot.  I was not only lucky enough to be invited to the wedding, but I had the honor of being their photographer.  I have known Eric for seven years and Diana for five and I adore them both.  They are an awesome couple and along with her three daughters, they make a beautiful family.


They held their ceremony and reception on the property of their good friends and it was perfect.  The girls got ready in the 1920’s house and the boys were busy getting everything in order outside.


When I went to see how the boys were doing, I was greeted by Eric’s 92 year old grandma who is the cutest lady I have ever met.  She was dressed amazing and even had on sequent Sperry shoes.  The ceremony was touching and I had to focus on not tearing up when Eric gave his sweet vows.


During photos, Eric’s groomsmen decided they needed a picture jumping on the trampoline and I was SHOCKED the thing held up…. they were almost touching the ground.


The reception was to follow and was full of events including a song by Diana’s father, a Beetles cover, and a surprise choreographed dance led by Diana’s oldest daughter.  Fun was had by all and I’m so happy these two found one another.

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