Littleton Family Photographer

Thursday evening I hung out with this awesome bunch to take their annual family pictures.  We went to Chatfield State Park for the photos and it was gorgeous.  Corbin and Shelly brought the cuteness as always.  We hung out by the river for a while so the kids could throw rocks.  It was a great time till Corbin was hit by a rock aimed for the riverbut it was nothing that a little dance party couldn’t fix.

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Downtown Denver Engagement Photographer

I had the pleasure of meeting up with Zoya and Todd on Saturday for their Denver Engagement Session.  I am going to be their wedding photographer in May in Estes Park as well so I love the engagement session as a way to get to know my couple a little better.  Zoya and Todd were a treat to work with… they even drove so I wouldn’t have to take off/put on my huge boot several times since I can’t drive with it on.  They met through mutual friends downtown and now live in Littleton so we did part of the shoot downtown and finished up near their house so we could incorporate their cute pups.  We went around Union Station, Confluence Park, and finished at Jackass Hill.

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Lifestyle Baby Session with Elly

I’ve known Elly’s mama for ten years (crazy, right Kari?) so I was excited when she asked me to come and take photos of her precious new addition.  Elly is the sweetest little baby girl and she loved the sound of the shutter.  Kari and Nick are naturals and you can tell how much they adore their baby girl.  Look at those cheeks!

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Denver Wedding Photographer/Mercury Cafe Wedding in Denver

Being a wedding photographer in Denver is always exciting when you get to photograph a wedding at a new venue.  My wedding on Saturday was at Mercury Cafe.  I had never been there, and I was surprised how awesome and character-filled it was.  Caitlin and Kevin were super laid back and easy to work with.  They were very nontraditional and had the calmest ceremony I’ve ever experienced.  Caitlin didn’t walk down the isle with everyone standing to greet her, she casually walked in and started talking to people before she and Kevin walked to the stage… it was awesome.  It was short and sweet with just a handful of friends and family.

After the ceremony we had time to take family and couple photos which was a good time.  For the photos of Caitlin and Kevin, we headed outside and didn’t have to venture more then a block for some awesome vintage buildings to have as our background. While we were taking pictures, the rest of the guests arrived for the reception.  They had an awesome band and the food was amazing!

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Littleton Wedding Photographer/ Beautiful Intimate Wedding Outside of Denver

Last weekend I had the privilege of being Elizabeth and Aaron’s wedding photographer outside of Denver.  Their ceremony was small and intimate and absolutely beautiful.  The girls got ready in the club house and the boys showed up right before the ceremony.  Elizabeth looked stunning and her bouquet was to die for.  Their three kids were so stinking cute and one of my favorite photos is Elizabeth sitting with them in front of the fireplace.

The ceremony was great and their sweet little girl was very emotional and made several people tear up 🙂 After the ceremony, we moved strait into pictures.  Aaron and Elizabeth were so fun and easy to photograph.  The light was great and they were ridiculously photogenic, it was fantastic.  The reception took place at Maggiano’s DTC.  The spread was amazing and everyone was having a great time.

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Littleton Wedding Photographer/ Inverness Hotel Wedding Photographer

I had the pleasure of being the wedding photographer at a Jewish wedding on September 6th.  It was my first time photographing a Jewish wedding and I enjoyed every minute of it.  Sherri and Brett are such a lovely couple and I loved getting to know them leading up to the wedding.  They may be one of the nicest and caring couples I’ve ever met.  The wedding took place at the beautiful Inverness Hotel outside of Denver in the Tech Center area.  They were married in the courtyard and had their reception in the Inverness Hotel grand ballroom.

We were able to do photos before hand which was great so we could take our time and walk all around the grounds.  They did a first look at the Inverness Hotel arbor tunnel and it was beautiful.  Sherri looked stunning in her ankle cut dress and Brett was looking sharp in his tux.  Brett is a vintage car collector and brought one of his beauties to park in front of the Inverness Hotel to take photos in front of.

The ceremony was lovely and they were married under a chuppah made by Sherri’s mother.  It was so intricate and was held during the ceremony by Sherri’s four siblings.  The reception was amazing.  The food was so good, and although I didn’t try the cake, it was gorgeous.  Sherri’s two boys performed a song, one singing, one playing the guitar, for Sherri and Brett to have their first dance to.  It was seriously so special and I think it brought a few people to tears.  Then the party started and Hava Nagila played and everyone danced the hora and Sherri and Brett were lifted in their chairs.  After that, the majority of the guests would continue on to dance the night away.  It was amazing!

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Denver Wedding Photographer/ Randall and Laura

Laura and Randall were married on September 5th in Englewood.  It was a gorgeous day and I could tell how excited they were to be married.  We were able to do some individual family photos before hand which is always nice so we had more time after the ceremony so we didn’t have to rush.  Randall’s little nephew was a doll and incredibly cute.

The ceremony was beautiful and Laura’s veil sparkled under the lights.  After the ceremony we took a little walk to a bridge down the street to do the wedding party photos.  The reception was nice and laid back with people mingling, snacking on desserts, and dancing.  Laura and her sister, Kristen, were on the dance floor almost the whole time in their cowboy boots line dancing.

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Littleton Wedding Photographer: Raccoon Creek Golf Course Wedding

I had the pleasure of being Andy and Beth’s Littleton wedding photographer on Friday.  I am a big fan of this couple and really enjoyed witnessing their amazing wedding and reception.  It took place at the new barn at Raccoon Creek Golf Course in Littleton, CO.  The setting was beautiful and their decorations were perfect.  When I heard the theme ‘vintage travel’ I was very curious how one would go about decorating 😉 however when I showed up I was soooo impressed.  Every detail was perfect and it made me a little jealous I didn’t think of it for my wedding.

The ceremony was moving and Andy almost made me cry as he was waiting for Beth to walk down the isle to turn around and see her in her wedding dress.  Oh yes, I almost forgot…. her DRESS…. the prettiest/classiest/most stunning dress I have ever seen.  We ran out of sunlight towards the end of formal pictures but we managed to still have fun and get some great shots.

The reception was fun for all which included amazing food, drinks, cake, and dancing.  When I say dancing, I don’t mean standard dancing, I mean incredible dancing including an epic bridal party dance off.  Such a special wedding and I loved being a part of it.

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Denver Wedding Photographer/ Country Wedding outside of Denver 8/29/15

One of my favorite things about being a Denver based wedding photographer is getting to travel to places that are close by, yet I am not very familiar with.  Saturday I traveled to Brighton for Hannah and Ben’s wedding at Hannah’s father’s property.  I had never been to Brighton and I really enjoyed being their wedding photographer.  The handmade decorations for this wedding must have taken months and hours upon hours to make.  It was so well put together and charming, I could tell all the guests felt right at home.  Ben and Hannah looked so happy and in love.

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Denver Wedding Photographer/ Milligan Wedding

Laney and Mike got married on Friday at Cheesman Park in Denver.  The pavilion was awesome and provided much needed shade on the 97 degree day.  I loved working with this couple and their wedding party.  The biggest struggle of the day was getting their cute little girls to take pictures.  Poor Valerie had her first day of school that day and she was tired and wanted nothing to do with my camera.  Even though there were tears and pouty faces, they were still super adorable.  The reception was in Longmont at The Dickens Tavern and the space was stunning.  I was mildly obsessed with it.  The decorations were amazing and the food was delicious.  I loved this wedding!

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